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Rolex GMT-Master. Edition 2015
by Lele Ravagnani

An essential guide to collect and invest in Rolex GMT-Master

The GMT-Master, which was created to meet the needs of Pan American Airways to supply its pilots with a wristwatch able to indicate the time back home and the time in their arrival destination simultaneously, is one of the most widespread and sought after Rolex models throughout the world; this book wants to honour the passion and international interest in this watch.

Some of the questions a collector asks himself today are:
– are the aluminium bezel inserts of the ref. 6542 coeval?
– Is there a way to know if the bezel has been replaced?
– the ref. 1675 in stainless steel has been created with the possibility to fit two bezels: red/blue and black?
Thanks to the in depth study, this edition helps to dispel these doubts.
Only in this book will it be possible to find the first models of the 50’s down to the most recent watches.
Special attention has been paid to the variations of the bezels, dials and cases – factors which today help determine the value of the watch.

“Rolex GMT-MASTER” is a specific edition about Rolex GMT – MASTER which includes timepieces from the first models of the 1950’s until the latest references produced by Rolex in 2013 (ref. 116710 BLNB)and 2014 (ref. 116719 BLRO).

This edition also offers references which have always been desired by enthusiasts and collectors, such as for example the refs. 6542, 1675, 16750 and many others.

For each reference, a detailed sheet is reported, indicating the years of beginning and end of production, the calibre and all the characteristics of the watch (crystal, bezel, bracelet, case back, winding crown, case number with production year, dial, movement, …).

“Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER Wristwatches” also offers a widening of those references which have always been objects of desire of enthusiasts and collectors, such as the refs. 6542, 1675, 16750 and many others.

Enclosed is the updated pricelist of every Rolex GMT-Master and you will also find the chronological table of production from 1953.

320 Pages • colour illustration • Format : 25 cm x 31.5 cm.
Price for readers of GW magazine and gentlemenswatch.com is € 429.00